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Cut Back on Massive Spreadsheets to Update PrestaShop

August 17, 2016

Tired of working with large spreadsheets to create and update product records for your PrestaShop store? They’re not exactly easy or fun to work with, are they?

For quite a while now, online retailers have had to deal with building and updating huge inefficient spreadsheets to put their products in front of the shopper. Well, we think this way is so out-of-date which is how Venzee came to be.

Venzee paves the way for online retailers to stop wasting valuable time working their product information with spreadsheets. It is a SaaS platform that enables PrestaShop merchants to quickly create and update their stores with content-rich, compatible product records!

Want to know more:

Step 1: Sign Up

Signup for Venzee is easy and free. When you’re all set, take the product information your suppliers send via Venzee, CSV, XLS, or XLSX, online form, or through our Integration Marketplace, and import it right away.

How do I import data into Venzee?
How do suppliers share data with their retailers via Venzee?

Step 2: The PrestaShop Template

Your Source Data is up and ready… Great! Now head over to Dynamic Data and click the “Add” button to go to our Template Library. Find the PrestaShop template, select it and click Next.

How do I create a template?

Step 3: Mapping

Now let’s transform your Source Data into a Dynamic Collection compatible with PrestaShop. Have fun mapping the attributes in your original data with the fields in your PrestaShop template. Some advanced features here allow you to type in new content, add padding, do match, create tables… Click the little “?” to the right for more information on what goes where.

You’re working on product records in bulk now.  Saves you both time and money!

How do I create a Dynamic Collection?
How do I import images into Venzee?

Step 4: Complete Transformation

Done mapping? Click “Generate” and see how your Source Data has been turned into PrestaShop-ready products! Click “Export” to get a file download link on your email and use it to directly import the products into your PrestaShop store.

How easy was that?

The moment we’ve all been waiting for!

From now on, every single time someone updates your Source Data, the PrestaShop Dynamic Data update as well and the usual suspect, our nemesis the spreadsheet, is conspicuously absent. Voilá the power of Venzee!

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