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Work Smarter With Fewer Spreadsheets!

November 28, 2016

Let’s see a show of hands. Who likes to work with Inventory spreadsheets in order to upload products to Goodsie? Who has fun doing it?

I don’t see any raised hands. I wonder why. Hmm….

Don’t feel bad. Nobody likes spreadsheets and I mean…nobody. Spreadsheets are a kind of curse – I guess you…

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Ditch Spreadsheets to Add Products and Updates to UltraCart

November 25, 2016

As crazy as it may sound 90% of suppliers still use spreadsheets to share information about their products with their eCommerce partners like UltraCart. That means that you have a Inventory spreadsheet problem that Venzee has been working hard to solve.


Well, the day you’ve been waiting for…

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Take Your BigCommerce Store to the Next Level

November 19, 2016

Are you fed up with the hassle of working with heavy Inventory spreadsheets to create and update products for your BigCommerce store? OK, that was a rhetorical question. We know that you are because we were too. That’s why we created Venzee!

Venzee is a topnotch product information management sol…

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